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Prosperity, Montana Miniseries

Book #1 of the Prosperity, Montana miniseries

Harlequin American
June 2014
ISBN: 978-0373753949

There is no room in day-care owner Lana Carpenter’s Life for casual things. After all, her dream of adopting a baby is closer to becoming a reality now than ever. So why is she still mooning over the sexy cowboy who makes her forget everything but the strong, sure feel of his arms around her?

It wasn’t supposed to be more than one unforgettable night between consenting strangers. But when Sly Pettit spots Lana’s photo in the local paper, he grabs at the chance to see her again. The guarded rancher is falling hard for Lana, but it can only end in heartbreak. Unless Sly can trust her with the secrets that keep him from believing that, just maybe, they could have a future together.

“The wonderful characters are a delight to get to know and make this story a joy to read.”
RT Book Reviews

Rancher's Honor

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Book #2 of the Prosperity, Montana miniseries

Harlequin American
October 2014
ISBN: 978-0-373-75541-7

Mr. Right-There-All-Along

Since she was a teen, there's been one guy that restaurateur Dani Pettit can always count on—her best friend, Nick. Their relationship is purely platonic…that is until a single kiss changes everything. Now Dani is falling hard for the one man she shouldn't fall for—the one who can truly break her heart.

Although rancher Nick Kelly knows he's to blame for his string of failed relationships, Dani is the only woman he ever trusted. Nick doesn't want to be just another guy who lets her down, but his new feelings for Dani are too strong to resist. Do they dare risk their lifelong friendship for a once-in-a-lifetime love?

"Ann Roth’s second 'Prosperity, Montana,' tale is a delight, with compelling, sympathetic characters who share strong chemistry. While clearly connected to the prior tale, this book stands alone. Secondary characters like Big Mama really make this a book whose characters definitely make it shine."  **** 1/2 stars 
Heather Nordahl Files, Affaire de Coeur

Rancher's Redemption

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Book #3 of the Prosperity, Montana miniseries

Harlequin American
January 2015
ISBN: 978-0373755530

Emily Miles already has plenty on her plate. She has to care for the dogs she rescues, find staff and volunteers for her shelter, not to mention raise money to keep The Wagging Tail going. So when the new, desperately needed prime-time vet starts stirring up her insides, Emily tells herself it's just gratitude she's feeling. She can't jeopardize the shelter by getting involved with Seth Pettit.

Seth has his own plateful: a teenage ward who hates him, an estranged family he's trying to mend fences with and a living to make in small-town Montana. Tough but delicate Emily needs a full-time partner, and that just can't be him. Not as a vet or a man. So why does he want to be both?

Montana Vet

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Saddlers Prairie Miniseries

Book #1 of the Saddlers Prairie miniseries

Harlequin American
February 2012
ISBN: 978-0373753949

Leave The Past Behind

That's life lesson number one for Jenny Wyler. Which is why she's sequestered in the middle of rural Montana teaching in a one-room schoolhouse. Saddlers Prairie is good and far from the ex-fiancé who ran when he discovered the truth about her family. And from now on, Jenny would keep silent about her past!

But for Abby Dawson, a kindergartener in Jenny's class, silence isn't a choice. Not only shy, the little girl may be mute, and her father Adam needs Jenny's help. Determined to give the child a voice, the pair work together while denying their powerful attraction. Besides, what could a cattle rancher and big city teacher have in common anyway? Besides their love of a five-year-old girl. And the damaging secrets they are both hiding secrets that are bound to leak out.

Rancher Daddy

RT Reviewer's Choice Best Book Nominee!

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Book #2 of the Saddlers Prairie miniseries

Harlequin American
June 2012
ISBN: 978-0373754120

To Mark Engle, it's simple. There's Los Angeles-success, money, excitement-and there's Montana. So when he finds himself stuck playing small-town M.D., Mark is less than pleased. The only appeal is clinic receptionist Stacy Andrews, a big-city escapee in love with Saddlers Prairie and its neighbors-are-family feel. Too bad rural and close- knit are exactly what Mark's looking to evade.

Stacy knows Mark's type too well. A career-driven man like that would never put a tiny community-much less a wife and family-first. So why is she hoping he'll stay? No one can overlook the chemistry between the pair, and soon the whole town conspires to push them together. But it'll take more than matchmaking for Mark to change his life plan, even if his heart truly belongs in Montana.

Montana Doctor

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Book #3 of the Saddlers Prairie miniseries

Harlequin American
January 2013
eISBN: 9781460301098
ISBN: 9780373754403

For the troubled foster boys who call it home, Hope Ranch is a last chance. For Cody Naylor, the ranch's owner, it's an opportunity to repay a debt to the foster father who saved his life. And for Autumn Knowles, it's a way to stay out of jail after a minor scrape with the law. Sentenced to a temporary job as housekeeper at the ranch, she's determined to show everyone she can be responsible. Gaining the boys' confidence is no easy matter. Learning to trust Cody is a whole other story. But with her job, her future and the future of the boys at stake, there's too much to lose by getting involved. Autumn's not about to get burned again no matter how perfect the guy seems!

RT Magazine rated Her Rancher Hero a 4.5 star Top Pick with this review: Roth's characters are wonderful, both troubled and giving, and readers will laugh and cry right along with them.

Read an Excerpt

Her Rancher Hero

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Book #4 Saddlers Prairie Miniseries

Harlequin American
June 2013
eISBN: 9781460313923
ISBN: 9780373754601

A Chance To Prove Himself 

Learning that she was adopted is the biggest shock of magazine writer Sarah Tigarden's life. Falling in love with champion bull rider Clay Hollyer is a close second. Years ago, she shared a sizzling kiss with the handsome rodeo star, only to hear that he was a player who enjoyed toying with women. After her profile of Clay called him on his caddish behavior, she never wanted to see him again. 
But as Sarah searches for her birth mother, Clay is unexpectedly by her side. Can this really be the same guy she condemned as a womanizer? As she gets closer to learning the stunning truth about her biological mom, Sarah also finds herself getting closer to Clay. Her head tells her it's a mistake...but her heart isn't so sure.

Ann Roth's latest Saddler's Prairie title does not rely on other tales or characters in the series to move it along. Her characters have compelling stories carrying them forward, and their passion is strong and convincing. Also, the obstacles and discoveries in Sarah's quest are realistically portrayed. --  4 1/2 stars   Affaire de Coeur

THE RANCHER SHE LOVED is a lovely heartwarming story. Modern adoptions are intent in maintaining privacy at seemingly all costs. But finding out your heritage is something worthwhile and important to many adoptees. The road to discovery can be rocky at times but in the end hopefully rewarding. Ann Roth masterfully tells the tale of an adopted adult on a mission. The folks you meet along the way will win your heart. -- Fresh Fiction

The Rancher She Loved

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Book #5 Saddlers Prairie Miniseries

Harlequin American
October 2013
ISBN: 978-0-373-75476-2

Gina Arnett comes home to Saddlers Prairie to say goodbye to her uncle and sell the family ranch she’s just inherited. Her focus is on getting back to Chicago and her high-powered job. Two things change her plans: a sudden blizzard that causes the town to be snowed in, and Zach Horton—the ranch foreman who tries to convince her to stay.

Gina’s boundless ambition is something Zach understands all too well. He’s kept his past a secret, and to uncover it, she’ll have to reveal her own uncomfortable truths—and her growing feelings for Zach. He’s not the kind of man she dreamed of falling for. But at the Christmas season, all dreams seem possible..

This return to Saddlers Prairie introduces some pleasing characters that are fun to watch interact. The choice the heroine makes for love of family leaves one cheering for her and rejoicing in the love she finds. -- Romantic Times


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Halo Island Miniseries

Book 1 of the Halo Island miniseries

Harlequin American Romance
November 2007
ISBN 0-373-75192-3
ISBN 978-0-373-75192-1

"What Exactly Are You Asking Santa For?"

"It’s A Secret. How Do You Spell Mommy?"

Nothing is more precious to Ryan Chase than five-year-old Maggie. She’s the reason the widower moved to Halo Island in the first place—he wanted to get away from his hectic, work-all-hours job so he could spend more time with his daughter. Ryan will do anything to make sure Maggie is protected from hurt, which means no attachments to anyone who comes into their lives—and plans to leave.

As soon as the holidays are over, Tina Morrell is going back to Seattle to her busy job, and hopefully a big promotion. Her career has always been the most important thing in Tina’s life...that is, until she meets the adorable Maggie and her incredibly hunky father. But Ryan won’t let Tina get close—even though his daughter seems to be bringing them together.

As the spirit of Christmas descends over the island, it’s the wishes of one little girl that may be granted!

All I Want for Christmas

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Book 2 of the Halo Island miniseries

Harlequin American Romance
March 2008
ISBN 0-373-75208-3
ISBN-13 978-0-373-75208-9

This could mean a second chance--for both of them

It's déjà vu when Liza Miller boards D.J. Hatcher's seaplane for Halo Island. How could she forget the handsome pilot who had whisked her away from heartbreak three years ago? And clearly he hasn't forgotten her. But D.J. has also been burned by love, and Liza isn't ready to risk her heart again...

The last time they met, Liza was a jilted bride in need of a shoulder to cry on. Now she's someone who deserves a second chance...just like D.J. Can he convince Liza it's time to stop flying solo? That she belongs here with him on the island they both love--as his woman and his wife?

The Pilot's Woman

Romantic Times Top Pick! 4.5 Stars!

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Book 3 of the Halo Island miniseries

Harlequin American
March 2009
ISBN: 978-0-373-7256-0

Instant Motherhood

Running a business and being a temporary mommy to her sister's seven-month-old are two full-time jobs. The last thing Lily Gleason needs is to be audited! Then the Halo Island jewelry designer meets her new accountant.

Honorable, straightforward Carter Boyle is a man who inspires trust. He's also sexy, single... and Lily is thrilled at the way he's immediately bonding with her infant niece. Has Mr. Right finally come along?

From the moment Lily walks into his office toting a rosy-cheeked baby, Carter's a goner. But he has a precious secret of his own-- one that could make or break Lily's trust in him.

Unless he can trust her with the truth...

Ooh, Baby

Romantic Times Top Pick! 4.5 Stars!

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Book 4 of the Halo Island miniseries

Harlequin American
July 2009
ISBN: 978-0-373-75270-6

Emmy Logan came to Halo Island to make a fresh start. But what her rebellious son, Jesse, really needs is a man in his life. Someone he can look up to and trust. Someone who'll stick around. Strong and dependable as he is, rugged contractor Mac Struthers is not that man.

After raising his two younger brothers, Mac is finally ready to go after his own dreams. Then the attractive single mom moves into the cottage across from his latest remodeling job. Emmy's son is definitely in need of a guiding hand. Mac could provide that. If he were looking to settle down. Which he most definitely isn't.

Then why is he wishing this job would never end?

A Father for Jesse

Romantic Times Top Pick! 4.5 Stars!

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To Wed or Not To Wed Miniseries

Book 1 of the To Wed Or Not To Wed miniseries

Harlequin American #1120
June 2006
ISBN 0-373-75124-9

Not What She Expected

After a painful breakup and the loss of her job, Cinnamon Smith feels there’s only one place she can go—her best friend Fran’s bed-and-breakfast in the small town of Cranberry, Oregon. The first person she meets on her arrival is Nick Mahoney, Fran’s handyman. Cinnamon’s attraction to Nick is immediate, and the feeling is definitely mutual.

All That She Wants

But Cinnamon has spent years working toward a certain kind of life, a life she can’t have with Nick. Spending time in Cranberry, and with him, is beginning to change all that. Then she gets a job offer that would put her career goals back on track…. Which means Cinnamon has to choose between the life she’s always wanted and the love that’s right in front of her.

The Man She'll Marry

Finalist for the Booksellers' Best Award!!

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Book 2 of the To Wed Or Not To Wed miniseries

Harlequin American
April 2007
ISBN-10: 0-373-75163-X

Everything Was Planned Down To The Last Detail...

When Cammie Yarnell agrees to do a wedding at the Oceanside Bed and Breakfast, she knows the tough part will be keeping a smile on her face. Not too long ago she’d planned a walk down the aisle at the sumptuous B and B herself—and called it off. Worse, she’s working this event with Curt Blanco, the photographer who knew all about her fiancé’s cheating and kept it secret, betraying her trust as a friend.

Except Romance

Yet her anger starts to fade once the showers and dinner parties bring her closer to the man. Now Curt’s misguided belief that he’s bad for her is standing in the way of Cammie’s trip to the altar—with him.

Stories about love, relationships and the road to the altar!

It Happened One Wedding

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Book 3 of the To Wed Or Not To Wed miniseries

Harlequin American Romance
August 2007
ISBN 0-373-75178-8
ISBN 978-0-373-75178-5

Mitch Matthews was a regular guest at the Oceanside B and B, but had never before arrived without a beautiful woman at his side. This time he was here alone, to work on his book. So why, if he'd come here for solitude, did he want to spend so much time with the B and B's vivacious owner, Fran Bishop?

Fran had been drawn to Mitch for years, but she wasn't kidding herself—friendship was as far as their relationship would ever go. The gorgeous, charismatic motivational speaker wasn't the type to settle in the sleepy Pacific coast town of Cranberry, Oregon, especially with a woman like Fran, who wanted not just a husband and children, but solid roots.

Could this certified catch be looking at Fran in a whole new way? It takes an extraordinary event for him—and for Fran—to find out!

Mitch Takes a Wife

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Other Harlequin American Romance

Harlequin American #1103
February 2006
ISBN 0-373-75107-9

Life's Little Surprises

As soon as he builds what he hopes is an award-winning house, Hank Adams will be on his way. He certainly isn't in sleepy Forest Glen, Washington, to put down roots. Well, that's just fine by Mia Barker. She doesn't need or want her noisy new neighbor complicating her life. But suddenly Hank is the least of her problems--she's just inherited a newborn baby.

Mia has no idea how to care for an infant. Besides, she's not mother material--and has a dark secret to prove it. Hank's own past keeps him from getting close to anyone, even someone as beautiful and intriguing as Mia. But his neighbor needs help, and soon she's getting far too close for comfort....

Motherhood: what it means to raise a child

The Baby Inheritance

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Harlequin American #1031
August 2004
ISBN 0-373-75035-8

With Just One Touch...Amy Parker is Lost

She and Sam Cutter had always ignited major sparks, but it was their problems outside the bedroom that ended their short but passionate marriage. Now, just seeing the rugged businessman for the first time in over a decade has her remembering the way Sam used to make her feel. Sexy. Sensual. And downright beautiful.

To Sam, Amy is still the most gorgeous woman he's ever seen. But convincing her he's not the man he once was might not be so easy. Little does Amy know he'll do whatever it takes — because he doesn't want to lose her the second time around!

'Readers will enjoy this fabulous second chance at romance between the ballet school and hamburger joint owners. Along with a delightful support crew mostly made up of middle and grade school gems, fans receive an often amusing hot tale of love better with maturity."

Harriet Klausner, Best Reviews

The Last Time We Kissed

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Harlequin American Romance
June 2007
ISBN 0-373-75169-9

Brady Cornell and Holly Stevens had been teen-age sweethearts until they'd quarreled and broken it off. She's even more unforgiving now because he's in charge of the renovation project that will put her out of a job. But they still feel the temptation. And this time they might just give in...

Summer Lovin

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Silhouette Special Edition

Silhouette Special Edition #1356
October 2000
ISBN 0-373-24356-1

Beautiful Stranger

To an outsider, which Clint Strong was, Flatville seemed like any other small town. It had its busybodies, its local scandals...and an unassuming boarding house for stranded journeymen like him. But Alison O'Hara, mistress of the manor, was like no woman he'd ever met...

Suddenly, Clint was acting like the man of the house. Repairing squeaky hinges, chopping wood...kissing Alison with a possessiveness and passion that scared them both, especially Alison. What man had hurt his woman? What man had abandoned Alison's pint-sized little girl who loved ponies and pizza, and who pulled on Clint's rusty heartstrings? And could Clint transform from stranger in a small town to permanent husband and daddy?

"New author Ann Roth's touching, multifaceted characters strike just the right romantic chord in STRANGER IN A SMALL TOWN (4)."

Pamela Cohen, RT BookClub

"STRANGER IN A SMALL TOWN by Ann Roth will certainly delight romance lovers. This first novel is excellent, providing dramatic flair that is understated, well-designed, and satisfying. Set in the southern Indiana hills resplendent with the steamy heat, the rich characterization will leave readers eager for more from this author's talented pen. Ann Roth possesses a romantic finesse that bears watching."

Cynthia Penn,

Stranger in a Small Town

RT Award Nominee!!

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Silhouette Special Edition #1530
March 2003
ISBN 0-373-24530-0

School for Men

The males of Elk Hills were clueless about how to treat females. But in her five-week class, psychotherapist Zoey Dare vowed to enlighten them, and the town's women would reap the benefits. Not Zoey, though. She'd long since given up on love and settled for helping others.

Every Class Has Its Bad Boy

Unfortunately for Zoey, hers was macho, unnervingly attractive Cole Tyler, who steadfastly refused to change but loved to ruffle her feathers, make her blush and generally charm her socks off. Their headstrong tug-of-war yanked Zoey dangerously off balance...until she collided with Cole's gorgeous chest and sexy smile.

But just who was reforming whom? And who was learning the best lessons about love?

"At times, Zoey sounds a little extreme, yet she's the perfect foil for Ann Roth's sinfully delicious Cole. Colorful secondary characters add sparkle."

Pamela Cohen, RT BookClub

Reforming Cole

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