My Heart Belongs To You

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My Heart Belongs To You

Miracle Falls Book Six
January 30, 2024

Not What She Expected

Starr Dehl’s stressful job creating clothes for a rock star is causing panic attacks. She’s left LA and come home to Miracle Falls for a “me” break and also to design and make her sister’s wedding dress. The last thing on her mind is falling in love. She’s better at sewing than she is at choosing a man.

Starr needs a place to rent during the few months she’s in town. The cottage she picks is owned by grumpy, good-looking Brady Barton. Brady is knee-deep in taking over the family business from his father, who won’t let go. He has no time for the demands and distractions of a tenant, especially a woman as beautiful as Starr. An ugly divorce has left him unhappy and mistrustful of women. But something inside says to go ahead, and he rents the place to her. He’ll be busy 24/7 with dad and the business, and she’ll be tied up with family and the wedding. Their paths will rarely cross. Or will they?

Brady lives across the meadow from the cottage, and they can’t avoid each other. Before long, they’re sharing their personal and career struggles. As the weeks pass, Starr dreads returning to LA. She’s also falling for Brady. He has feelings of his own but is wary of trusting them—and Starr.

Will Starr stay in Miracle Falls, and can Brady move past his trust issues and find love?

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