There's Something About You

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There's Something About You

Miracle Falls Book Five
August 1, 2023

Two strangers, a night to remember, and a secret that could change everything

Someone is stealing money from Sunshine Dehl’s spa, but who? Private investigator Trevor Holmes, a newcomer to Miracle Falls, comes highly recommended. There’s one problem: Almost two years ago, Sunshine and Trevor met at a vacation resort. Two strangers, spending an unforgettable night together before going their separate ways.

They never planned to see each other again, but now she needs his help. Sunshine is hiding a secret no one knows about, something that could impact Trevor’s life. A secret she intends to keep. If only she wasn’t as tempted by him as she was that night.

Trevor’s past isn’t squeaky clean either. A slipup several years ago almost cost him his career. He’s worked hard to restore his reputation and moved to town to start fresh. Taking this case could boost his business, but getting involved with Sunshine could do the opposite. Yet his attraction to her is as strong as ever.

Neither intends to act on their dangerous feelings, and agreeing that the job is strictly business should guarantee that. But as Trevor closes in on the thief, the powerful chemistry between him and Sunshine builds and their tenuous hold on self-control slips. Soon they’re sharing kisses and more. As his feelings for her deepen, he opens up about his past. She’s falling hard for him. But fear of exposing her secret creates a barrier he’s unable to breach.

Can Sunshine brave the risks of sharing her secret and find love with Trevor?

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